Netizens wonder if this collaboration is okay with IU under Kakao and Suga under HYBE

IU is under Kakao, is her collaboration with Suga okay?

Isn’t Big Hit the label of HYBE? Aren’t HYBE and Kakao fighting?

1. Why should the singers in those two companies fight each other?ㅋㅋ

2. So what?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. I wonder what it has to do with the collaboration between the two of them

4. HYBE and Kakao have no right to say anything

5. Don’t you know about Kakao? IU always does everything by herself so the fact that Kakao only has IVE as the only singer

6. The company and the artist are just a contractual relationship.. If you’re a rookie, this can happen, but the two of them are popular and have seniority

7. So what?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The two of them can do whatever they want

8. If Kakao protested after seeing that article, would fans stand still…? I bet I’ll see protest trucks in front of the Kakao building

9. There’s no reason to oppose IU and BTS’ collaboration

10. It doesn’t matter, it’s IU…

11. Kakao isn’t crazy

12. I bet Kakao and HYBE both support this collaboration

13. Why do you think you’ve seen so many HYBE singers and Kakao singers doing something together?

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This just IN. Kakao has contacted hybe to reach a final deal n agreed. Considering kakao reached first mean, hybe has upper hand for the condition of the deals. I feel like hybe gonna take over the management while kakao get to maintain business n connection side mean Dear U may maintain operating.




tmikpop a hybe stan

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tmikpop loooooves translating articles being shady to many Hybe artists but they’re a Hybe stan? LOLOLOLOL nice joke


at least them and their twitter followers don’t act like a cult like atouchbase aka imjammed doing on twitter . Going ‘unnie unnie what’s happening , what’s next ? what does this mean unnie ‘ and using papago too 😭


That imjammed was exposed that she’s Indonesian and not a korean???


BTS literally built Hybe and IU is a 15-year veteran that is on her 4th or 5th contract already. Hybe and Kakao can’t force them to do shit.


Because they arent part of a cult like sm artists are lmao


The girl from red velvet who refuse to dance to hype boy lol


It’s like they become enemies with everyone sm are enemies with lol so petty


This is a weird thing to say considering how bts members have friends in most sm groups..


Suga and iu are matured and not a comp dont worry lol


Just in case this isn’t clear, in the first place, Bighit Music has complete independent control from its parent company, so Hybe doesn’t matter at all bc not even BHM label is required answer to Hybe in regards to what its artists do, much less the artists, themselves, esp if they act independently.

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Country full of weak ass pussy bitches.

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“Kakao only has IVE as the only singer” they are lying, they have StayC, MonstaX weeekly, victon, etc.


They have +10 groups lol but people only know ive

White cat

Both yoongi and iu have the seniority in the industry. She have her own share in edam. So she is one of the bos for her company. Yoongi is one of the main breadwinner of bighit. I think the leaks is made to said fck you to that conflict and they will just do it anyways 🤣🤣🤣

dot com bubble

Because corporations aren’t exactly super rivals like kpop stans think they are. YG and Hybe fans may argue and shit on each other on social media but YG acts as a distributor of some of Hybe artists’ albums and Hybe is an investor of YG.

I guess only SM is actually dumb enough to actually create a petty rivalry on YouTube of all websites lmao. But not Kakao and Hybe are friends yet again, so funny.

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iu doesn’t deserve a feat with yoongi, mediocre creature no one remembers you 🙂


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