Netizens wonder why ASTRO Rocky confirmed the dating rumor, but Park Bo Yeon denied it

Rocky has already confirmed the rumors… Why didn’t Park Bo Yeon say anything after denying the rumors?

1. Aren’t they dating? Why don’t they look good together?

2. Looks like it’s one-sided loveㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. The woman is a rookie, so I think that’s why she’s denying it…

4. Is it because she’s a rookie actress?

5. Did they release statements before discussing it with each other?

6. Why is she in a relationship where she can’t even admit it?

7. This is my first time seeing their names and faces

8. Is she going to break up?

9. I think he’s an idol, but what is his group?

10. They’re probably fighting right now

11. What’s going on? A one-sided love?

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