Netizens wonder why Jennie is so popular

Why is Jennie so popular?

People who ask this are weird

1. Of course because she’s Jennie

2. Just because it’s Jennie.. Everything is explained

3. I have no choice but to admit Jennie and Suzy, both are so pretty and charming

4. She’s so pretty and cute, she has it all!

5. The reason she’s so popular = She’s Jennie

6. Pretty, sexy, cute, hot and she has it all ㅜㅜ

7. It was a post about Jennie, but why are you guys suddenly talking about Suzy? It’s not because I don’t like Suzy, but you guys suddenly mentioned Suzy in the comments

8. The reason why Jennie is loved is because she is Jennie

9. Jennie is just another level

10. It’s Jennie… What explanation do you need?

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