Netizens wonder why NewJeans’ first week sales are so low compared to pre-orders

Why are NewJeans first week sales so low compared to pre-orders????????????

1.72 million pre-orders

They sold 1.24 million copies in the first 4 days

Usually, is there such a huge gap between pre-orders and first week sales? 500K is quite huge

1. BLACKPINK too, they had 2 million pre-orders and 1.5 million for first week sales

2. Usually there’s an explosion on the last day

3. Before NewJeans debuted, they said that they couldn’t sell even 1 million copies, but now they’ve sold over 1 million copies, so the haters are going crazy

4. I’ve never heard people claim that NewJeans have weak physical sales? They sell well

5. No matter what you say, NewJeans is still so popular

6. There are even groups with a 900K gap

7. You care too much about NewJeans… Hmm…

8. Wow, NewJeans sell so much

9. Wow NewJeans sells really well, daebak

10. This is possible

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