Netizens wonder why people who are waiting for BTS are waiting for them??

Why are people waiting for BTS waiting for them??

1. That is love

2. What is this article? I like them so I will wait for them

3. Even when I look at other idols, my heart can’t beat.. I love BTS

4. I can’t do anything unless it’s BTS

5. There is no idol like BTS…

6. There is no idol like BTS.. Although all the members are in the military, they have recently released music and one member is also expected to release a documentary soon and music.. Even the eldest brother has less than 100 days left until he is discharged from the army..

7. There’s a lot to do while BTS is serving in the military, and BTS is a part of my life so it’s natural to wait. I have no intention of turning my attention to anything other than BTS.. I don’t feel like I’m waiting but I just hope that I stay healthy for the promised future

8. Since there is no idol as good as BTS and since I love them, why else?

9. ?? My heart only beats for BTS, what should I do? All 7 of them gave us faith in the future, so I could trust and wait for them. And our eldest brother is about to be discharged from the army

10. What kind of question is this?… So do you know why you live?

11. Because it’s BTS… ? If it wasn’t BTS I wouldn’t have waited. Has that rude question been answered yet? I feel really bad..

12. Is there any singer like BTS?

13. My heart really only beats for BTS ㅠㅠ Even though I watch all the other idols’ year-end performances, BTS’s year-end performance reminds me more so I watch it over and over again

14. Because I love BTS so much

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