Netizens wonder why Taeyang is collaborating with Jimin

Jimin and Taeyang are friends??

Where does the offer to collaborate come from?

Even in YG, they don’t collaborate, so this is amazing

1. I’m curious, so YG members don’t collaborate well ㅠㅠ

2. Even if they are not close, they can still collaborate

3. There are a lot of Big Bang fans in BTS, they can still collaborate even though they’re not close

4. Big Bing has collaborated with many artists, but you didn’t know, especially their solos

5. Just look at GD’s album, there are many artists featured in his album

6. They have to be friends to collaborate..?

7. I think they know each other

8. Big Bang collaborated with many artists before

9. But I still can’t believe Taeyang will collaborate with Jimin

10. Fans of Big Bang and BTS must be shocked

11. Big Bang has collaborated with many artists, Zion.T, Kim Gun Mo, IU, Epik High, etc.

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They s

Because jimin begged for it


This is taeyang’s album not Jimin’s, clearly the one who offered the collab wasn’t him.


It’s true, I’m sure he wanted to be on this flop’s album 😏


it was taeyang actually….


It just seems cool


Taeyang was at Jhope’s listening party for his JITB album, so maybe they chatted about it casually and then made it happen.

Dot Com

Flopyang sold his soul to the devil to be able to even speak to Jimin. Jiminie too kind to turn down a desperate fan


Worry about flopjoon flophope and flopjin nowhere on chart as we speak

Dot Com

I don’t have to worry about bts or their solos because they all are legends and even their solos are breaking records. No one cares about Koreans who have the taste of Kids Bop. They do excellent internationally, something your criminals will never do


me when I lie. 😂 they are breaking records everywhere
stay pressed

spicy spice

flopyang lol. but both bigbang and his solo weren’t that flop thou.

Dot Com

No noise outside of kpopland. That’s a flop, love


well he’s not that flop as a soloist because he won 2/3 daesang before

Dot Com

Speak when he can get recognized globally. BB loves flaunting their Korean records but go mute when asked about the lack global records they swore up and down they had on lock for over ten years

WhatsThe Point

There are a lot of Big Bang fans in BTS, they can still collaborate even though they’re not close

… The last time any BTS member even uttered a criminal bang member’s name was in 2014.. if they were really fans of them and their inspiration was “them” like many claim, then BTS would have mentioned them in their song hip hop phile…

Last edited 9 months ago by WhatsThe Point

birds of feather flock….

Dot Com

Clean that dirt ring from around your tub. Nasty ass bird


who’s a big bang fan in bts?? lmfao can these people stop joking?? jm’s mentioned taeyang a few times and jk mentioned gd like once too.


My first time hoping a bts associated song flops tbh


just stop exaggerating. We do not know the accuracy of this news. even if it’s real, it’s taeyang who suggested it. Jimin will save his solo album. Before they mention Jimin’s name in the news, no one knew about his album. Also, believe me, there is no bb fan among the armys 🙃


that’s because there’s no news about his new album other than assumption from people because he deleted/archived all his posts on ig lol


Knetz really have a short term memory


Unlike with other groups, Bangtan’s fandom is not composed of fans of other groups, most Armys I know only know about k-pop because of BTS and know minimally some groups because of everyone’s obsession with comparing them to BTS.

Eat shit

Peak delulu symptom

Lazy Banana

If ARMYs are fans of other kpop groups they’d have a #1 on the Hot100 too so where is the delusion?

Lazy Banana

This song is gonna be hard to listen to, if I even listen ugh. I love Jimin just… gosh, does it have to be a collab with a criminal enabler?


He really does look like young Moon Heejun in that photo


I love seeing army freaking out about this😂


The fact that mere rumours got people to become this crazy is proof of the fact that this collab will make noise. Also, stop saying stuff like “I love him, but I can’t support this”, ” “I feel betrayed” etc. Stuff like that makes you seem immature and it shows that fanwars is more important to you than supporting your artists music. Most people are excited for this possible collab.


Not supporting criminal enabler is immature? 🤔 it’s not just about fanwars you know


Has this been confirmed or is it still a rumor?

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