Netizens wonder why Taeyang is collaborating with Jimin

Jimin and Taeyang are friends??

Where does the offer to collaborate come from?

Even in YG, they don’t collaborate, so this is amazing

1. I’m curious, so YG members don’t collaborate well ㅠㅠ

2. Even if they are not close, they can still collaborate

3. There are a lot of Big Bang fans in BTS, they can still collaborate even though they’re not close

4. Big Bing has collaborated with many artists, but you didn’t know, especially their solos

5. Just look at GD’s album, there are many artists featured in his album

6. They have to be friends to collaborate..?

7. I think they know each other

8. Big Bang collaborated with many artists before

9. But I still can’t believe Taeyang will collaborate with Jimin

10. Fans of Big Bang and BTS must be shocked

11. Big Bang has collaborated with many artists, Zion.T, Kim Gun Mo, IU, Epik High, etc.

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