New Jeans member who was praised by IU on IU’s Palette today

Hyein – Get Up

1. Hyein is really good at singing…

2. I was surprised when I listened to Cool With You, her voice is really good

3. I really like Hyein’s voice

4. Seriously, Hyein is a treasure. She uses poses and facial expressions so well, and her voice is so good. She is the most eye-catching among female idols. I think she will become a real star in the future

5. Her voice is a treasure

6. Seeing Hyein, I realized how good a high school student really needs to be in order to debut

7. Hyein’s voice is the best

8. I heard that Hyein sang at the fanmeeting, and she did so well

9. I think Hyein will do well if she sings IU’s songs

10. IU’s expression = my expression

11. Hyein is the future of K-pop

12. Hyein is a genius

13. There’s a reason why Hyein debuted when she was 15 years old

14. Seriously, there’s nothing Hyein can’t do

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