New pictures of Pledis’ new boy group (expected to debut in the first quarter of 2024)

The pictures were revealed yesterday and the music video is currently being filmed in Belgium

The group has 6 members 03 05 05 06 06 07

Hanzhen, a Chinese trainee born in 2005, who is believed to have joined Pledis just over a year ago and is currently studying at Hallyum Arts High School

Member who wears a denim jacket

Han Jihoon, a former Trainee A member, born in 2006

1. Pledis, please throw away the Chinese dream…..

2. The Chinese member is the most handsome

3. The worst thing is that the handsome member is Chinese

4. As expected, all the handsome guys were in the basement practice room

5. The facial features are all good, and the kids are all handsome

6. There are Chinese people here again

7. I hope that Jihoon will do well

8. Jihoon is about to debut under Pledis, I heard that he dances so well

9. I hate Chinese idols

10. Pledis can’t lose China

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