New virtual K-pop girl group whose members remind people of female idols who are promoting

Wow this new girl group

Metaverse? They’re metaverse idols.. I thought they were real humans. This is getting scary

1. The most offensive thing is that I can see the faces of the idols who are promoting

2. They look like humans, but I don’t like them because they all remind me of idols who are promoting

3. I don’t really like things like that and it’s scary

4. I don’t like things like this, it reminds me of someone

5. The first member on the left looks like a mix between Karina and Sakura

6. The second one from the left totally reminds me of Noze, and the one on the far right looks like Miyeon

7. Karina + Kim Mjuju / Choi Yena + Taeyeon/ Hyein / Heize

8. 1 is Kang Hyewon, 2 is a mix between Irene and Karina, 3 is Hyein and Jang Wonyoung,,,, 4 is IU and Yeoreum..? I don’t know, I just see all kinds of female idols

9. Minji, Yena, Mimi, IU

10. I really don’t like this.. It’s scary..

11. Minji, Karina, Joy, Taeyeon

12. Karina, Yena + Taeyeon, Hyein, Heize

13. It reminds me of Aespa

14. Aespa + NewJeans

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Omg look I found their pre debut pics. So adorable 🥰


I saw their thumbnail on YouTube and thought they were real people…


This look better than Aespa


2nd one really look like Noze


Atleast they ain’t gonna get any bullying case, any tragic life story, no emotion towards comments whatsoever, will look like this when we will be in our graves, will not be problematic, won’t get any bfs (idk about that other ai dude tho), will speak what we want them to speak, will fulfill *ahem* certain fantasies of people ( it’s weird to even write this point here), you know will be as perfect as we want them to.
Unless and until their antis pulled their plugs in the middle of their performance or just inserted a bug. Then…
Okay I have already said enough

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