NewJeans became honorary ambassadors for Korean tourism

NewJeans became honorary ambassadors for Korean tourism

K-pop girl group NewJeans will become the representative face of Korean tourism

According to the music and tourism industry on the 3rd, NewJeans was selected by the Korea Tourism Organization as ‘Honorary Ambassador for Korea Tourism in 2024’

1. Daebak

2. I know they became public relations ambassadors for Seoul last year, but it’s great that they are also public relations ambassadors for Korean tourism

3. As expected from NewJeans

4. It suits NewJeans so well

5. NewJeans is awesome

6. Wow, congratulations to NewJeans~

7. Even though I’m not a fan, I’m still proud. Let’s do better, NewJeans!

8. Are they going to give me a promotional video or something? I’m looking forward to it

9. It suits NewJeans so well!!!

10. For real, these girls are qualified to represent Korea

11. It suits NewJeans so well, congratulations

12. It would be great if they performed on stage at tourist spots around the country. That’s just my wish

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