NewJeans Danielle becomes CELINE’s global ambassador after Lisa

CELINE’s Newest Global Ambassador 🖤 NewJeans Danielle

1. It suits her so well

2. Is that what Lisa did? Lisa is going to Louis Vuitton and Danielle is going to Celine?

3. Has her contract with Burberry ended?? I think Celine suits her better

4. Celine looks so good on her

5. Her image suits Celine more than Burberry

6. Wow, it suits her so well, congratulations!!

7. Wow, seriously, Celine suits her 50,000 times better than Burberry (I’m not saying I don’t like Burberry, I’m talking about the image)

8. Wow, the photo is crazy. Everything looks amazing together

9. Hul Danielle following Lisa

10. Burberry is also good, but Celine suits her better

11. Burberry looks great on her, but Celine is also perfect

12. It’s much better than Burberry

13. Just look at the photo, it looks great on her

14. Her eyes are so beautiful

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