NewJeans Danielle looks like a famous model in Celine’s campaign photos

Official photos of NewJeans Danielle for Celine campaign

1. She used to be like a child, but these days she looks so mature

2. No, she looks like a famous model

3. Wow, when did she become so mature? She’s f*cking pretty

4. Hul she looks like Keira Knightley

5. Danielle is always smiling, but even her expressionless face is pretty and has an aura

6. I thought she was a foreigner, but she’s mixed-race and her mother is Korean!

7. It reminds me of Han So Hee

8. She looks like a very famous foreign model.. She’s so cool

9. ooks like a model born for Celine…

10. Maybe because it’s black and white, she looks like a Westerner

11. Celine’s female models are crazy, Lisa is really amazing and Danielle is crazy too

12. It really looks like a painting you’ve seen in an art museum

13. Personally, I think Celine suits her better than Burberry..!! F*cking pretty ㅠㅠ

14. These days, she seems to be the prettiest and everything she does is a work of art

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