NewJeans Danielle updates her Instagram amid controversy

NewJeans Danielle’s Instagram update (f.Celine)

1. It is a doll

2. She’s perfect for Celine

3. Wow, this outfit suits her so well

4. She looks like the real game character, she’s amazing

5. I thought it was a doll

6. Human Celine

7. So pretty, I’m not a fan but I hope NewJeans will do better

8. She really looks like a doll

9. She suits Celine much better than Burberry

10. She’s so pretty, NewJeans, try your best for this comeback!

11. Pretty. Even if there’s a war, they still have to work ㅠㅠ

12. She is the most beautiful and charming among the 4th generation female idols

13. Celine and Danielle look so beautiful together

14. Celine looks so good on her

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