NewJeans ‘Ditto’ climbed to #85 on Billboard Hot 100 for 2nd week

96 -> 85


1. DITTO is awesome!

2. I’m so proud of them

3. NewJeans is seriously amazing

4. So they have two songs on Billboard Hot 100, daebak

5. I was looking forward to it because the song was so good, but it was even better

6. NewJeans is crazy

7. The whole world listens to NewJeans songs

8. Wow!!! Daebak, daebak!!!!! congratulation!!!

9. I love the song so much

10. Let’s do better

11. Seriously impressive

12. Congratulations to NewJeans

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How much did they pay for them in Spotify playlist and Radio. Not surprise why BTS last comeback was underperformed since they used all money to push newjeans there


keep crying. Yet to come not even manage to stay 1st on kchart


It’s a fact even army moaning about it now

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newjeans’ fans are getting annoying , it’s mostly armys that stand with those girls when everyone was calling these girls every type of names and label them as pedo group to attract older men to like them .


army are the one being annoying. Whining about playlist. Playlist couldn’t make a song charted higher from the previous week if no one listening to the song. no one force army to stand by the girls tho so no one owe you guys


Do you realize all this happened because of Min Heejin not keeping her mouth closed and always giving interviews every two days about how Newjeans’ success is not up to Hybe and trying very hard to dissociate Newjeans from Hybe which is fucking stupid and you and the rest of these fans eating her shit . Armys have been lowkey keeping quiet seeing other Hybe groups being treated nicely compared to BTS themselves but Min Heejin’s mouth couldn’t shut up and always have the nerve to talk shits that no one asked , bragging everywhere like blame this on her .

Funny how Min Heejin always have time to be like this while she hiding behind Hybe when being confronted about Cookie’s lyrics and the paintings that she kept in her room , saying the higher executives at Hybe the one who told her to ignore everything about this but she always comes giving interviews and deludes you and your fandom on how Hybe didn’t trust how these girls’ going to debut and how she insisted to go with her ‘planning’ like clearly she can go against the company’s wishes if she wants but when it’s time to answer the criticism, she hides behind her team and Hybe.

Imagine if she set up her label without being Hybe , she’s and Newjeans are fucking over because she doesn’t have a big ass label for her to hide herself ☝🏻

Anyway keep eating her shit up and licking her ass while ignoring that the way she talks about Newjeans’s success is a red flag itself saying all the success is because of her. She discredited those girls, and her team that was running in the background to help these girls. Yeah keep licking her ass like a dog ☝🏻


Imagine thinking 5month kpop group getting TTH playlist by not paying spotify. They Olivia Rodrigo of kpop


Those young girls will be discard by gp when they not young anymore. Thats how gg lived. So continue being piece of shit when you can😁.


Yo don’t wanna hear the truth. Nj received more playlist support than even BP. Looks like they’re going to get all their girl group records from bp. Let’s see who will cry when they take away bp’s records 🤡


Only bp pay Spotify


Newjeans too. They also pay Spotify. Thanks to BTS / Hybe money.


like newjeans’ fans are delusional and far up in their asses if they think this spotify ad is because their songs are a ‘hit’ and ‘liked’ by general publics , it’s because Ador paid them by the way and Armys would not act like this if Min Heejin shut the fuck up and tried to dissociate from Hybe☝🏻 she got two members of her girl group in BTS’ mv , the trainee that she stole from Source Music btw which left Source Music scrambling to form a new girl group because she stole their trainees .


Let see how Twice chart on bbhot100 next week


This means that it’s useless that GG, who will be making a comeback this year, can’t beat NJ. Because it was confirmed they had bought up the Daesang at the end of the year. My advice to GG who wants to make a comeback, it’s better to just comeback next year 2024, it’s useless!!! 😂😂😂


It only took Spotify playlist and radio payola for them to stay another week on Hot 100, they don’t have the streams on Youtube nor digital sales. Hybe should give this same push to BTS soloists. They deserve it.


Thank you BTS for giving the funds for playlisting mwah

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