NewJeans ‘Ditto’ is slowly starting to receive responses from the major charts in each country (US, Japan, UK, etc.)


Spotify (People still think it’s the US Melon)
They are climbing the chart little by little every day

They are predicted to be the first 4th generation girl group to enter the Billboard Hot 100


#5 on Apple Music, Japan’s largest music site

4th place on Spotify Japan

#1 on the weekly Oricon (CD + Streaming) singles chart


Entered the official UK chart (this is the first of the 4th generation)


46th place on Canadian Hot 100


In Korea, one of Asia’s major music markets, they’re at 1, 2, and 3 on Melon


9th place on Global Spotify, the world’s largest music site

1. I really like Ditto, the song is good and the melody is good so I listen to it over and over again

2. All the songs are so good, the members are good, they have their own personalities, they have great charms and I personally think they will really do better

3. After listening to idol songs, the only song that I recommend to my acquaintances is Ditto

4. It’s no surprise that NewJeans seems to have a good mix of songs, plans, and members

5. All NewJeans songs are good

6. Ditto is so good I can listen to it 100 times a day

7. Ditto is a song that I still listen to these days, I personally like NewJeans songs the most

8. I think NewJeans will do better

9. It was mentioned in the comments, but it’s lucky that NewJeans doesn’t have Japanese and Chinese members

10. Looking at the reactions on Reddit, people who are not current K-pop listeners also replied that they liked it

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The current biggest group in the world (chart wise). Soon they will end those 3rd gen groups and they will be the biggest Kpop act.

CeCyane '๐Ÿ’œReady for ๐Ÿ–๏ธ ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ’œ'

they got like 300-500 playlisting all over the world right now. that’s mean paid new audiences. their spotify and apple stream is not organic.

They got playlist bc they were charting high on global Spotify. They were getting 3M+ daily streams and they kept gaining more than 300K UL. If a song is doing good of course the label is going to push it, ditto first day had 20 playlist while other get 70. Itโ€™s not our fault that people like ditto. On Apple Music global it was at #4.

CeCyane '๐Ÿ’œReady for ๐Ÿ–๏ธ ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ’œ'

it still playlist and it is still pay to be include in those 20 playlist in the first day.
them improving it to be 300-500 playlist still shows that it is not all organic.

Ditto streams numbers does not come from the mass playlists. Bc they has over 3 streams with 83 playlists/ 9M Playlists reach in second day, on Tuesday day. So plz do research before spread false info to fit your narrative.

Rathinda Amor

are you dumb ? ofcourse it is not gonna gain that much in the second day itself, it’ll gradually increasing by the gradual amount of playlist it being put on. being put on playlist is another kind of payola no matter how much stream it got in first or second day

They donโ€™t have playlists in Apple. Stop lying.

Exactly, look at Japan where two of the biggest music platforms right now are Youtube and Recochoku.

Neither of their charts can be inflated via playlitig or stream boosting that way or w/e and both are hugely popular in Japan.

NewJeans is pulling about 400k daily streams between Ditto and OMG on Japan Spotify…but bizarrely neither of those songs are inside the entire 200 of Recochoku currently…hmm. Putting that in perspective it would be like a western artist going top 5 on Spotify Korea, yet not ranking at all in the Melon or Genie top 200…wouldn’t that be strange? But with NewJeans it’s ignored and called organic.

Look at the top 4 right now on Spotify Japan
#1, Subtitle. Ranks also #1 on Recochoku.
#2, Kick Back. Ranks #6 on Recochoku.
#3 Vaudy. Ranks #10 on Recochoku.
#4, Ditto. Does not rank in the entire top200 on Recochoku.

Every other song on the Spotify top 20 I looked at has a comparative ranking on other Japanese charts, Ditto and OMG are the only exceptions….why? Payola is why. Or else someone explain it.

On YT Japan’s official MV chart they also managed less than 850k combined views for Ditto and OMG inspite of having a bunch of MV’s and videos for them…like what? 400k daily streams on Spotify a day but rank very low in views and play on YT Japan? Lmfao.

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yall just being weird for kpop like you don’t say things like this for american artists . Why are kpop fans are so hellbent wanting 3rd gen to like immediately slowing down their careers or shut down as soon as a hot group coming in like why can’t we make these two things co-exist ?


They had their time. Itโ€™s 4th gen era now.

Grace Walker

They better take advantage while BTS, is on hiatus.


They have around two years to “shine,” let’s see how far these 4th gen groups get lol, by 2025, we all know who will be overshadowing everyone again


they have 1 more month to shine. baemon is debuting soon and sm ngg is debuting in summer. baemon can prob hog gp attention for … 3-4 months? commenters have alr put up baemon photos & switched from hanniwhatever or hyerintabbycat to baemondabae ids.


They do take advantage of it. Reason why Hybe is pushing them and going all out in promoting them. They even got them luxury brand deals and big Playlists on Spotify. Good for them i guess.


If they make it to the Hot100, kpop gg stan twt will for sure have a field day lol.


n the prediction for bbhot100
#99 OMG
#93 Ditto

*among 3 prediction accounts, this acc is the most accurate, but take with a grain of salt


let me send all my prayers up to those girls , they about to get massive hate and people will analyzing their every movements so they could find something to make a scandal of


and if the prediction is true, they are the 2nd Korean act to debut 2 songs simultaneously, after BTS.


I know a certain gg fandom that will riot when this happens ๐Ÿคญ




kpop fans could be mad all they want but you can’t lie that Ador is really good at pushing these girls and their promotions are good too compared to other labels even the labels under Hybe . They got to be on variety shows on tv , those Youtube shows that are popular at SK rn , push them for playlisting , even their songs are trending on tiktok, and their songs are good too, got them brand deals , cfs like you can hate how they manage these girls and the promo they did probably gonna makes you side eye but let’s be honest , they’re good in promoting and managing these girls


Good at mediaplay you mean?

Grace Walker

Defend your comment how is Hybe, good at mediaplay? The entire K-Pop, industry know that Hybe/Big Hit, does not need to to mediaplay or payola.


Bro I wish Hybe was good at mediaplay. If they’re even half as good at mediaplaying as YG does, BTS will be on the front page of Naver for their achievements.

Last edited 22 days ago by ...

they’re secretly praying their favs got that same treatment. it’s just jealousy at the end of the day.


I still never listen to them.


So BP and Twice are the only 3rd gen ggps with hot100 enteries under their belts right?


For 3rd gen gg only BP have ever charted hot100. The only other gg that charted in hot100 is from 2nd gen Wonder Girls.
Itโ€™s a difficult chart to enter. For boy groups only BTS have ever entered this chart

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Twice also debuted on BB hot 100. I forgot the title. It was their english single with many remixes.


The Feels debuted at #83 on the Hot100.

Jon Xina

Better than having to date Jeremy to get free streaming deals or have 200+ million paid playlisting in their first week lol.


it’s not difficult to enter. western artists with zero popularity sometimes do, but almost bc of deals like payola/ radio etc.

Who’re they????
hot100 44 What My World Spins AroundJordan Davis
39 Heart Like A TruckLainey Wilson
34 The Kind Of Love We MakeLuke Combs
50 Bebe DameFuerza Regida X Grupo Frontera
75 Wild As HerCorey Kent
98 PlayersCoi Leray

The chart watchers have explained it’s basically got to do with paid rigging in one form or another by youtube ads, spotify playlisting, deals with radio shows etc. But they kept reforming so am not sure abt the current details.

With the hybe us acquisition, they 100% know how all these work. Wouldn’t be surprised if the hybe groups play the us artist rigging game & chart by rigging or inflation eventually.

John. Xina

This is the most Payola song I’ve ever seen. Makes sense for HYBE since BTS are over and all their solos tanked.

But for real, this song is fraud to the gills lol.


new jeans is doing what the big3 groups wish they could’ve done for the past 3 decades

Jon Xina

Yes, riding the 150m paid playlisting from BTS oppas and HYBE now that their solos bombed and Yet To Chart tanked everywhere…HYBE needs a new bread winner so is paying the way for Ditto.


Kick Back is a badass song. Kenshi Yonezu and Daiki Tsuneta duo delivers hard


did that with only 500 playlists paid by hybe ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ


Love how blinks are luttering the comments about playlisting like bo isnt always pushed on every playlist imaginable and through shady connections with industry execs. It says alot that bp debut u.s. performance was at a grammy preparty for industry executives and not their fans or public event bc they will always shmooze to become industry plants. At least newjeans makes good music and not that idiotic beat heavy noise


Yeah Blinks are so threatened by 4th gen ggs because tbh most of BP’s achievements are usually “the only girl group,” “first kpop girl group,” etc. etc., they don’t have much overall achievements because BTS mostly have them so when 4th gen ggs hit a milestone, it’s always so messy bc of them lol.


Looking forward to Newjeans breaking both BTS and Blackpinkโ€™s records. Must be entertaining watching them getting dragged by the nastiest fandoms Armys and Blinks.


Newjewns girls are following their route. Handing privileged shits for them in silver plates and they are doing it earlier in their career. Ainโ€™t no way a 5 month old rookie is already bagging luxury brands and getting almost 200 million playlist reach.๐Ÿ˜ตโ€๐Ÿ’ซ They went to the US recently. They most probably have served some CEOs there, with guidance from Min Hee-Jin giving Jeremy heads ๐Ÿ’ฆ


not even kakao paid this much for ive’s career ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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