NewJeans’ first reality show ‘NewJeans Code in Busan’ comes out and netizens are jealous that they’re from HYBE

NewJeans, the first solo reality show ‘NewJeans Code in Busan’ comes out.. First broadcast in October

NewJeans will be starring in their first reality show ‘NewJeans Code in Busan’

The members of NewJeans will utilize special QR codes to find the best places in Busan, the program is scheduled to air in October on SBS

1. It’s good, but why Busan…? HYBE, what did you do with Busan again?

2. I’m curious, I’m curious

3. I’m so jealous of the capital of large corporations

4. It’s like a promotion for Busan Expo… Maybe because it’s HYBE

5. Are there any members who have a special connection with Busan? I wonder who she is

6. Daebak, it’s great to be able to watch it on TV

7. Well, is there any member from Busan in the group??

8. Is it even a weekend variety show on SBS? They are so amazing

9. Wow daebak

10. I’m looking forward to it because I really like them

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Don’t be jealous because of hybe, if they give BTS a bare minimum, your oppa and unnie will too


why the goverment is blackmailing Hybe rn , even got Newjeans into this 😦

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