NewJeans Haerin shocked everyone on her way to work today

NewJeans Haerin on her way to work today

1. Wow, seriously, it’s just a cat..ㅠㅠ She’s so pretty

2. She’s the prettiest out of all the kids born in 2006 that I know

3. Wow crazy.. Her aura is so pretty

4. How can her eyes be this big?

5. Haerin is so pretty, but her aura is getting better with time

6. A baby cat has become a baby gumiho

7. Crazy, NewJeans was crazy today

8. I really like this girl in NewJeans. She’s so trendy

9. A beautiful cat has become a gumiho

10. She is getting prettier and prettier

11. You seem to have lost weight,,,, You are so pretty, but please take care of your health

12. How can one look like that? ㅠ So pretty

13. I gasped when I saw her… Seriously, I think she’ll get prettier when she grows up

14. I thought it was a fairy

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