NewJeans Haerin wears the same clothes that Jennie used to wear

NewJeans Haerin wears the same clothes that Jennie used to wear

What is Jennie’s influence?… The two of them are pretty in different ways

[+15, -64]

1. [+40, -0] You are just writing this post to insult Jennie?

2. [+39, -1] Wow, Jennie and Haerin are both cute and pretty cats

3. [+34, -1] Jennie and Haerin are f*cking pretty and charming, they’re like powerful idols

4. [+33, -1] Wow the two of them look good in red

5. [+28, -1] How the hell does Jennie’s influence have to do with this?

6. [+17, -1] Both are pretty

7. [+5, -1] Celebrities are sponsored with the same clothes, so what influence does Jennie have?

8. [+1, -1] But why is this post insulting Jennie? Both are pretty

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*sarcasm* Omfg they’re dating!!!! They’re wearing the same exact top which means theyre wearing matching couple tops!!!

This post is so stupid. People wears the same clothes all the time & style it differently. It don’t mean if I wear the same top a different day or year means you’re influencing me to wear it.

Newsflash, there’s millions of the same top in the world.


Haerin is way prettier than hagnie. The audacity to compare that pornstar slutnie to someone as gorgeous as haerin. Eww


Your dad must have produce really bad sperm if u’re the one winning the race πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

sexy army

Your dad wished he could sell you for free


Haerin is straight pretty and innocent, jennie is straight cheap

Jiyho my love

Nasty fucks your parents would sell you for a sniff of jennies hair


Jenny has a black hole between her legs. Comparing another girl to her is an insult.

sexy army

Your mum is a dried up cock sucking old ass fucked jobless cunt and would sell you to let Jennie step on her tf you think you are


blinks are so desperate πŸ’€πŸ’€

Teenaged puppy

Haerin ate her up, as she should

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