NewJeans Hanni explains the Korean class controversy

1. She must have been so surprised, it’s great that the explanation is also written in English

2. Hul, is there any controversy?? Anyone can tell that it’s a joke

3. I guess the company said something to her

4. Oh my gosh, I think Hanni was the most surprised

5. Why are you guys so obsessed with NewJeans and Min Heejin? I don’t understand this;;;

6. I’m glad it was a joke

7. Min Heejin seems to care for them like her own children, she keeps in touch with the members’ families, invites them to her house a lot, travels with them, and gives each other gifts

8. Please leave NewJeans alone

9. I’m glad that the misunderstanding has been resolved

10. I’m glad it was a misunderstanding

11. There are a lot of idiots these days

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