NewJeans Hanni’s statement about the company’s refusal to open Korean classes

1. In Hanni’s opinion, learning Korean will make communication with members and staff easier, so why do they stop her?

2. Improving your Korean is good, but what the heck…???????

3. What the hell was the company thinking?

4. Even though the last time she attended a Korean class was 2 years ago, I heard that her Korean is so good. If she takes the class, she will improve even more

5. She lives in Korea, works in Korea and has the will to learn, so why do they stop her, it’s so weird?

6. I always say this, but Min Heejin is really weird…

7. But it seems HYBE doesn’t have foreign language training classes

8. Hanni is cute not because she’s not good at Korean but because Hanni is cute so everything looks cute, please let Hanni do whatever she wants

9. Wow… Isn’t she Korean??? She’s a foreigner?

10. Hanni is still cute regardless of whether she’s good at Korean or not

11. Isn’t it because she’s so good at Korean that she doesn’t need to learn it?

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