NewJeans has 3 songs that enter the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time

Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100

1. They’re writing all kinds of history in just one year since debut

2. The 4th girl group in the world to have 3 songs in the album and the first K-pop girl group

3. Wow, do Americans listen to all the songs in NewJeans album?

4. Congratulations to NewJeans, you guys are amazing

5. Daebak!

6. I love NewJeans songs

7. I think Min Heejin’s boy group will also be successful, but when the new boy group comes out, it will be the male idol version of NewJeans

8. All title songs are on the chart

9. All the songs in this album are so good

10. It’s only been a year since they debuted, but they seem to be writing a lot of great history

11. Jungkook and NewJeans are doing well, but why isn’t the stock of HYBE going up?..ㅠ

12. I like ETA the most

13. They are doing so well in the US

14. Wow, the first K-pop idol girl group to have 3 songs on the Billboard Hot 100

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