NewJeans Hyein shocks netizens with her model aura while attending Louis Vuitton fashion show

NewJeans Hyein attends Louis Vuitton fashion show in real time

NewJeans Hyein (born 2008) Louis Vuitton ambassador

1. Wow, she looks like a real model

2. Her expressions are so good, every time I see NewJeans, I only see Hyein

3. She really looks like a modelㅋㅋㅋ But she dances well and sings well, she’s young and I envy her life

4. Crazy, she should be a celebrity

5. I assure you, Hyein will become a legend when she matures

6. Wow, she really suits Louis Vuittonㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. Wow, if I were a fashion designer, I would choose her as a model right away, she looks like a professional model

8. Lee Na Young? Kim Na Young? She looks like an actress

9. She’s so pretty, her clothes are pretty and her expressions are so good

10. Every time I see her, she looks like a model

11. I have never seen anyone who suits Louis Vuitton like her

12. She was born to be a celebrity

13. She’s just a model

14. Looking at her proportions, she’s a model

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I've yujin

She is 12 years old.
Why she here


Maybe because she’s the only idol who has actual modeling experience…? She’s been doing this since she was a baby.

spicy spice

kinda looks like hyewon with fuller lips.


love everything on the styling but personally ador is weird for sending hyein in fashion shows abroad like at least wait until she turns 18


what do you expect from a pedo like min heejin


What does this have to do with Min Heejin? Hyein was modeling before NewJeans shes obviously going to model while she’s in the group too. Why does she have to change her career choices after debuting in NewJeans?


Are you a pedo stan?


She was already modeling before NewJeans. Blame her parents. But she’s got more experience than anyone in the idol industry and is the only one who actually is deserving of an ambassador label.


Well, she was modelling at her predebut


Shes like 14 right? Why are they dressing her like a 25 yo lmao


You don’t know a damn thing about clothes or how the fashion industry works.


I see nothing wrong with her fit…y’all want her in a Hannah Montana shirt or sum???☠️


Y’all are aggravating in the comments 💤 say she’s pretty and move on

Seungri reformed

To much fillers 🙂 haerin better

Not hyein

I thought she had a neck-brace on in some angles. Her posture makes her look like her head is too heavy


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She looks like auntie that shops in fish market


I just feel like she doesn’t fit LV. I think there are other brands she’d definitely fit a lot better.


Young whore

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