NewJeans Hyein’s part in IU ‘Shh’

NewJeans Hyein’s part in IU ‘Shh’

1. Why is she so good? She’s a real gem

2. Her voice is really good and suits IU’s song so well

3. How could she be born with such talent?

4. I was surprised that she did better than I thought

5. Her talent is crazy

6. I thought it wasn’t Hyein because her singing style was different from NewJeans’ song

7. I love Hyein so much ㅠㅠ Genius idol

8. Hyein is so talented….

9. Every time I listen to NewJeans’ song, I’m surprised by Hyein’s voice

10. I thought it was IU’s voice

11. Wow, I wish she could go solo in the future

12. She has a good voice and sings so well ㄷㄷ

13. Wow the melody is crazy

14. Her voice is really crazy and she sings really well

15. Wow, her voice is so good, I can’t believe she’s only 17 years old and in her first year of high school

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