NewJeans’ identity member according to netizens

Who do you think is the identity member of NewJeans?

I think all the members are born to be NewJeans, but if you had to choose one, who would it be?

1. Minji..?

2. I really can’t choose

3. It’s Hanni these days, but seriously… it changes depending on the song

4. I feel like the identity member is always changing.. It changes every time I see NewJeans

5. When I first saw Hyein, I thought she was the eldest so she looked powerful, so when I think of NewJeans, I immediately think of Hyein

6. Minji or Hanni

7. Haerin or Hyein

8. The only thing that comes to my mind when it comes to NewJeans is Minji’s visuals

9. I think of Minji first

10. I don’t know who the identity member is, but I think of Minji and Hyein first

11. Haerin

12. Minji?

13. For me it’s Hanni or Hyein

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It's whatever

It’s hanni for me, she’s very cheerful and energetic, i think she suits the most newjean’s songs


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bts army7263

gonna be honest. none of them rlly stand out them to me and give off the face of the group vibe.


Yeah when you look at them you see the group not a special member


Hanni and Hyein probably have the most iconic stage presence and the most star-factor out of NewJeans. They all offer different charms, but I have to say Hanni and Hyein embody the hip and fresh and quirky concepts of NewJeans exceptionally well.

Dani has a down-to-earth, girl-next-door friendliness like a ball of sunshine, Haerin is cute and charming in a quiet, cat-like way, and Minji is like the reliable, irreplaceable pillar of the team.

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Min Hee Jin’s girlfriends’ daughters 🙂 all nugu




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I think of Danielle idk

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