NEWJEANS IN DANGER: Ceo Jin’s screenshots denigrating a se*ually abused woman and insulting New Jeans are true, confirmed by the court

As the war between Hybe vs ADOR continues, a few days ago Kakao Talk screenshots showed Ceo Jin denigrating a woman who had been assaulted by her ADOR VP, mocking her and insulting her with misogynistic remarks.

This screenshot was published by a very famous Youtuber in South Korea. But no one knew if these were edited photos by Hybe or true captures.

The photos have driven Internet users mad, sparking a war between those who prefer to believe that Min Hee Jin is a potential victim and those who are prepared to do anything to defend her.

Translation in order

On Saturday 19 May, as the trial continued, it was confirmed that the published conversations were genuine conversations between Min Hee Jin and that the statements were made by her.

What’s more, Min Hee Jin doesn’t seem to be denying the facts but is making it look like a joke. 

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So Min Hee Jin hates New Jeans and will probably get rid of her when they’re 25! And she hates women and feminists.

As for the tokkis, keep defending her ?