NewJeans is in danger of falling out of the brand reputation ranking

NewJeans’ brand reputation ranking trends since their debut

Month – Girl group brand reputation ranking – Singer brand reputation ranking

They have been at the top since their debut, but their rankings have plummeted since the beginning of this year

Now they are in danger of falling out of the ranking

1. This is evidence that the public has no faith in reviews

2. I really can’t believe this ranking, me and the people around me listen to NewJeans music more than before and buy their albums

3. No, since this ranking always appears I thought it meant something, but this time I found out that it doesn’t mean anything

4. I’ve always wondered about this because Jang Wonyoung’s individual brand reputation ranking is so low

5. The only group that can rank above NewJeans is Aespa

6. Seriously, how many idols are mentioned in the community more than NewJeans?

7. Who can believe this?

8. Didn’t they also have a comeback in May and June?

9. Seeing reviews like this makes me think HYBE is trying to manipulate the media and public opinion

10. Just look at Gallup, NewJeans is so popular

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