NewJeans’ living room is revealed on Andersonc’s Instagram and netizens talk about how Min Heejin cares about NewJeans

NewJeans’ living room was revealed on Andersonc’s Instagram

Danielle’s room

1. Min Heejin is so cool

2. Wow… If I were a parent of NewJeans members, I would feel a lot more secure

3. Min Heejin is amazing ㅜㅠ

4. Wow, among the company’s representatives, Min Heejin is the best

5. Oh, I’m jealous of NewJeans. ​Min Heejin is amazing, this is the devotion she has for her children

6. Wow, I want to work for a CEO like that

7. Wow, I’m so jealous. Min Heejin is really cool

8. I can see how much Min Heejin cares about NewJeans. She really loves them

9. If I were an idol trainee, I would definitely go to ADOR, it seems like they would really care about me

10. Wow, I’m so jealous… I want to join NewJeans

11. Min Heejin seems to really care about NewJeans

12. This really makes me want to join NewJeans too

13. Wow, I’m really jealous of NewJeans and I hope Min Heejin will do well

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