NewJeans (Min Heejin girl group) name, age, nationality of 5 members

Kim Minji (born in 2004) Korean

Hani (born in 2004) Vietnamese

Danielle (born in 2005) Korean-Australian

Haerin (born in 2006) Korean

Lee Hyein (born in 2008) Korean

1. It’s good that there are no Japanese or Chinese members ㅠㅠㅠ

2. Minji and Haerin seem popular

3. The girl named Hani is really my favorite

4. They’re all pretty, but Hani and Haerin are my favorites

5. Hani is so pretty, this is my first time liking a foreign member

6. Minji, Hani, Haerin, my picks

7. Wow Hani… daebak… She looks like an Instagram influencer

8. I’m satisfied that there are no Japanese or Chinese members

9. Well, all the members here were born without watching the 2002 World Cup

10. Wow, I thought they were too young, but they were born in 2004 and they’re 19 years old now

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