NewJeans’ Minji, who is said to have classic beauty

Many people say that she looks like a 1st generation female idol…

1. She reminds me of Eugene

2. Her nose is crazy

3. I’m so shocked because she’s so f*cking pretty

4. I don’t think she looks like Eugene, but I felt the same when I saw Eugene for the first time

5. When I saw the first picture, I was surprised because she was so pretty

6. Even though she’s much younger than me, I still envy her, she’s so pretty

7. Her nose is a masterpiece ㅜㅜ It is the high-end nose that inherits Han Ga In and Min Hyo Rin

8. She’s so pretty, especially her nose is so pretty

9. She looks like an actress

10. Wow, how did they find these pretty girls?

11. I don’t know if she looks like Eugene, but she’s so pretty

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