NewJeans Minji who seems to be Chanel’s new ambassador

Posted as the new Chanel Girl on Elle Korea’s Instagram

1. It suits Minji so well

2. It suits her so well, she looks like the youngest daughter of a rich family

3. Minji has a vintage feel, so she suits Chanel so well

4. Minji is so pretty and it suits her so well

5. She looks like a classic beauty, she looks perfect with Chanel

6. Oh I always thought she suited Dior, but Chanel suits her too

7. It’s amazing how these girls take turns taking on different brands like BLACKPINK

8. Wow, all the members are luxury brand ambassadors, they’re doing so well

9. Our Minji is so pretty, she suits Chanel

10. I should buy the March issue of Elle. The princess is so pretty

11. Is it because of Chanel that she went to Paris recently?

12. Minji really suits the classic image

13. Minji-ya, let’s shoot a drama, youth drama

14. Daebak, Minji is so pretty, Chanel suits her so well

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Thanks hybe


Better than Jennie obviously, Jennie make it look cheaper 😏


Better then mcsonalds ambassador lisa


very interesting that Ador already set/aim a luxury brand for each member since their debut and they actually got the exact same luxury brand deal on the members


Well, even before debut ador is working hard for them to be an ambassador. It was all planned and negotiated


She is lilbit ugly. Her ears and mouth and lips fuuuu, manface. Others members more prettier and looks like a girls

Last edited 7 months ago by freeseungri
minji the ptd extra

so hybe did it for free or paid for the gig???

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