NewJeans Minji’s cover song ‘Odoriko’ enters Melon real-time chart but causes controversy

NewJeans Minji’s cover song ‘Odoriko’ entered the Melon real-time chart

The song also entered the top 1000 of Melon daily chart for the first time

1. Wow, NewJeans’ effect is amazing…ㄷㄷㄷ

2. I still prefer the version sung by Minji. Lately I’ve been watching her fancams every dayㅠㅠ

3. This group is Japan’s public relations ambassador

4. A Korean singer went to Japan to perform and strangely enough, Japanese culture was introduced to Korea

5. Would anyone think that NewJeans is the first K-pop idol to sing a Japanese song? What can we do about NewJeans’ effect on people coming out and listening to their songs? You tell them not to sing Japanese music because Japanese culture will be introduced to Korea?

6. There are a lot of K-pop singers covering Japanese songs, but NewJeans do the same thing, and their influence is completely different

7. Why are so many kids obsessed with NewJeans? Because they are Japanese fans, NewJeans only sing Japanese songs

8. NewJeans songs are often played on the streets of Tokyo. What kind of Japanese culture was introduced to Korea?

9. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t listen to Japanese music? Even when you look at Netflix’s top 10 today, Japanese anime is often at the top

10. NewJeans’ popularity is crazy..

11. No matter what NewJeans do, they become a hot topic

12. Should I thank a K-pop idol for singing a Japanese song at the fanmeeting and being promoted to Japan’s promotional ambassador?

13. The influence of NewJeans is huge

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