NewJeans Minji’s legendary preview pictures on her way to Music Bank

1. I think Minji would suit the MC for the music show

2. Her nose and lips are so pretty

4. Her makeup, hairstyle and outfit were perfect today..

5. No, how can someone be this pretty?

6. She looks like a princess

7. Is it because of her hair??? Wow, she looks so much prettier than usual

8. Wow, she’s a princess. Minji is seriously pretty

9. Is she a princess????????????????????????

10. Minji changed her style and got so much prettier

11. Minji has a classic beauty that suits Chanel

12. Wow, I saved all the pictures.. She’s f*cking pretty

13. Her side profile is a treasure

14. Wow, she’s so pretty, and even though she’s young, she has aura!!

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