NewJeans Minji’s looks are seriously crazy

NewJeans Minji’s looks are seriously crazy

I know she’s tall, but she’s really tall and her face is the size of a pea so her proportions are amazingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ And her aura… She’s handsome

1. Her proportions are really good.. Her face is also crazy

2. Hul, how tall is Minji???

-> 169..?! I don’t know!

3. Wow, how tall is she? But her outfit today is really pretty

4. Wow, I was wondering where Minji was when I saw the first photo. It wasn’t meant to be bad, I thought it was a photo of a guy

5. Her figure is good and her proportions are also good

6. All the photos that were released today are amazing

7. Hul, I’m so jealous of her

8. Wow her face is so small and pretty

9. But where is Minji in the first photo?

10. When I saw NewJeans in real life, they were bigger than I thought. They’re a girl group so of course they’re skinny, but I’m surprised they don’t feel like a piece of paper

11. 169???? Wow, she’s bigger than I thought?

12. Why is she so handsome?

13. Wow, she looks so handsome

14. Wow, I thought she was a boy because of her body proportions… She’s amazing

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