NewJeans’ parents revealed that Bang Si Hyuk didn’t even greet the NewJeans members

[Exclusive] NewJeans’ parents, “Bang Si Hyuk didn’t even greet the NewJeans members…”

Does Belift Lab/HYBE not intend to protect the brand value of NewJeans and each member?

Every time NewJeans members met President Bang Si Hyuk in the company, President Bang pretended not to know the members and turned away without greeting them.

At first, I doubted what I heard from the kids and thought, “He probably doesn’t recognize the members.” However, since this has happened many times, and even if you don’t know they’re the members of NewJeans, it’s basic to respond to someone who greets you first.

1. They say that they are taking care of NewJeans, but what… If Min Heejin leaves in this situation, who will take care of New Jeans?

2. Is he an adult?

3. No, why did an older man act like that while being the president of a company?

4. What is he doing with kids his daughter’s age?

5. What did NewJeans do wrong?

6. It’s disgusting and pathetic

7. There’s a reason why NewJeans members’ parents like Min Heejin

8. Bang Si Hyuk is not qualified to be president

9. A person who is the CEO of a company behaves like that..?

10. If you’re an adult, act like an adult. What the hell are you doing?

11. He is so childish, vile, and stupid

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