NewJeans’ ranking prediction on Billboard Hot 100

1. Hot 100? After Billboard was reorganized, it became difficult to get into the Billboard Hot 100, but NewJeans is a rookie, so they’re awesome

2. Wow, Hot 100..? Oh my God

3. I don’t think they did their official promotion in the US market, but they are awesome!

4. I’m not a fan, but I’m supporting them

5. The song is so good

6. Is this the first of the 4th generation girl groups??

7. NewJeans seems to be so popular in the US

8. I hope they listen to it, the song is good so please listen to it a lot

9. I support NewJeans

10. I love Ditto so much

11. Wow daebak, I’m looking forward to the future of NewJeans

12. I wish they could enter the Billboard Hot 100

13. I listen to Ditto a lot these days

14. NewJeans is daebak

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oh wow that’s kind of impressive , is this all because of their streams on music platforms ?




Doing better than some called “big4′ next bts” lol


On empty house and crazy playlisting lol


They got like 500k daily streams in Spotify USA before they got any playlsting. Both them and IVE can do these numbers while SLZ and Twice struggle to reach 400k daily streams

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nj the rigged payola playlister

checked on two separate days this week and on both days they were payola playlisted on spotify. On the front page charts- aka the chart that is the most rigged. you should shut up because rigging is nothing to boast abt.


LOL just because it’s something your favs cannot achieve, doesn’t mean it’s rigged. It just means your favs are flops.


Ive are doing it without heavy playlisting.


Idk why you’re being downvoted, their streams from day one were high and impressive, of course being added to todays top hits has helped with longevity but they weren’t added until over a week after the song was pulling in high WW streams. It’s not like they were there from day one or anything, and being there didn’t boost their numbers by like 50% or anything, but people are gonna come up with revisionist history because they’re insecure


BP got better playlisting than them since day 1. i guess it’s payola too lol


Them NJ girls in the US, they must have given Jeremy heads too lol. These GGs who are thirsty of western market need to tone it down and do it organically.


new jeans are underage. you are disgusting piece of shit


They be singing that cookie song..


Nah. They are old enough to be singing about their cookies being tasted


Look everyone, it’s the typical “we must protect NJ by boycotting them” gg stans true feelings.


6. Is this the first of the 4th generation girl groups??

Isn’t it 4th gen overall? anyways congrats

Cry baby

NJ “closing the end of 2023 so fast”
with Ditto and OMG hard to beat for any girl group or BG this year.

Last edited 16 days ago by Cry baby

Kmedia has called too many groups ‘next bts’. I don’t even count anymore. So stop this bullshit to all 4th gen groups 🤡

Cry baby

NJ “closing the end of 2023 so fast”
with Ditto and OMG hard to beat for any girl group or boy group this year.


Not so fast. It’s only the beginning of the year

Cry baby

you are right, but DAESANG is in hand!!!
SOTY, ArtistOTY, Album OTY


Wow hype stan really drop BTS for newjeans

Last edited 16 days ago by Nobody

Watch them fight each other and feel threatened for his Kids

Lazy Banana

I know it is your ultimate dream to see ARMYs leave BTS to flop but I know your favs won’t even stand a chance in 2025 🥰

John. Xina

Thanks HYBE for all the Payola. I remember they fell out of the top 200bin the US Spotify even with 70 million paid playlisting, now getting more than double their streams since being added to all the top US playlists lol.

They need to investigate HYBE.

Top 5 on Japan Spotify but got less than 1m views for their last MV in Japan for its first week lol and their latest song not even being in the Recochoku top 200 makes it so obvious.


Stay bitter I guess


I think they do really well on Spotify. Seems like their fanbase are strong in the there, since for a non viral song to get 500k streams after a months is not easy, but they can. But their weakness is Apple Music, since they don’t chart there yet.

Last edited 16 days ago by Jill123

Did that on Spotify streams alone. Thanks to the heavy playlisting. They don’t have the itunes sales, shazam, Youtube views, Deezer streams, Apple music, just Spotify streams. Very sus lol


Thank u hybe, the +100 playlists help them

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