NewJeans reminds people of BTS’ HYYH

When I see NewJeans, I think of BTS’ HYYH…

It’s not that their concepts overlap, it’s just that they remind me of BTS’ HYYH…

Not only do they make things like music videos, they also create their own worldview and connect with another worldview, and it’s definitely fun to watch

By the way, I’m not a fan of BTS or NewJeans, I’m just a muggle who likes to listen to songs by both groups..

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1. Wow, I think so too. In 2016, I really fell in love with BTS MVs, but I got a little bit of that feeling when I watched this Ditto MVㅋㅋㅋ

2. When idols make vague and dreamy concepts, they always remind people of BTS’ HYYH… Is it because BTS’s HYYH is so legendary?

3. I think I understand your thinking. When I watch the music video, it brings back vague memories

4. If you’re not even a fan of BTS, how do you know HYYH?

5. I think people will be attracted by their concept

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Another kpop idols riding on BTS coattails.🪳🪳🪳🪳🪳.


txt paved the way


mmm I kinda agree , not saying both HYYH and Ditto is similar like both are totally different but they are giving me like these same nostalgic , melancholic , vague, dreamy, angsty feelings.


Its not only ditto, but hybe definitely get inspired from bts hyyh for txt love song era too. The whole nostalgic vibe n storyline mv.


and &team too. Under The Skin mv took many inspirations from BTS’ RUN and I NEED U Mvs

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This is because of HYBE’s ‘music as an expression of the artist’ tendency probably, which Bang PD and BTS has talked about a lot – like they seem to really encourage the idols to talk about their experiences and reality and shape music & stories around that.

Like BTS spoke about dreams and being young in Korea, Txt is about the confusions and internal/external struggles of young men both individually, romantically and within a friendship group, LSF seems to speak a lot about being a young, strong woman finding your own identity amidst fame, and NJs being so young is about young love and different types of nostalgic, yearning feelings you have as a teen girl.

It makes sense that the two ‘youth’ oriented groups at debut would have similar vibes.


2. When idols make vague and dreamy concepts, they always remind people of BTS’ HYYH… Is it because BTS’s HYYH is so legendary?


I mean, I guess. I personally think of Fin.K.L and SES and MILK, but to each their own.


We get it. You made kpop your personality 15 years ago and haven’t grown since then.


It’s not that deep. You literally know nothing about my personality, and I can simply see early 2000s K-POP influence. But cute attempt at being an ass!~ ❤️

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why are people downvoting your comment just because you see it more like as 00’s kpop 😭

based misandrist

newjeans will be seen as nothing as than bts’ maids i fear

queen 🐝

Better add misogynist to that username

based misandrist

why? i don’t have any hateful view of these girls but that’s the reality from armys perspective they use girls that they pretend to like and ditch them for a shiny new token gg


you’re not a misandrist. you’re a misogynistic pig just like every other blackpink fan. fuck you and fuck that group. i hope when women finally reach liberation, those girls and you aren’t included. but considering blackpink’s fanbase, i wouldn’t be surprised if you were a white loose holed faggot or aave abusing sea scum just like lisa.

based misandrist

“aave abusing” i’m not gonna argue sense into a pathetic race of people gatekeeping the language of their slavemasters and claim we wuz egyptianz we wuz vikingz


the way this kind of racism is expected from a fandom full of southeast asian fans LMFAOOOOO get fucked and die

WhatsThe Point

Can people stop associating everything to bangtan’s hyyh ?

queen 🐝

It’s a harmless statement, tf you mad for?

WhatsThe Point

What in my statement told u I was mad? Tr u mad for


in what aspect?visual?yes,many gps had similar concept.
but if you wanna link sth more than that,all i wanna say is leave HYYH tf alone
that trilogy was a whole process of expressing the hardships of ppl at that stage of life.ppl forget the most important part of it was that the trilogy had a solid & reliable message for all of us plus the members was dreamy but so realistic that for a long time ppl were mistaking the storyline with the members’ real was not just a vibe or visual.


Newjeans are less than 1 year in the industry and they are already breaking and setting new records, I wonder if this energy from Armys will continue if these girls surpass BTS in terms of success.


Majority of ARMYs only stan BTS so what energy for Newjeans are you talking about? The people who like Newjeans too are multis in the first place.

Also quite ambitious of you to say Newjeans will surpass BTS based off of less than a year of existence. With the intense competition between 4th gen ggs and the debuting ggs this year, who even knows if Newjeans can maintain that level of success? Especially since the gp is so fickle that they tend to drop ggs like a hot potato for the new shiny thing. Don’t speak nonsense.

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There are a lot of Armys supporting this gg, they even made some BTSxNJ playlists on Spotify.

You did not get my point lol. I said NJ is already setting new records and they are just less than 1 year old idols, hence, they have more time to release good songs, comebacks and break records again. They charted in BB Hot 100 Bubbling under. Get good streams. Korea loves these girls and Hybe is pushing them, they get them luxury brand deals, Spotify playlists, send them to variety shows. They get good promotions. There’s no doubt, they are going to get bigger.


everybody said this about aespa itzy stayc and weekly 😂 & where are they now????
exactly! they are tanking lol.
4th gen ggs fame lasts shortee than my phone’s battery




bts brings 50 billion $ every year to s.k economy , sell out 100k stadiums in few seconds, have 47million album sales, went to the grammy, ama, billboard, most watched and streamed group in spotify and yt
😂 surpass bts’s success you said??? they will flop once yg or hybe new gg debut lol
my ass!


ugh no…..

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