NewJeans speaks out about ‘J-pop group’ controversy “BTS English song = K-pop” VS “Categorizing K-J is meaningless”

NewJeans speaks out about ‘J-pop group’ controversy “BTS English song = K-pop” VS “Categorizing K-J is meaningless”

According to Ten Asia’s news on the 5th, the Japanese debut album ‘Supernatural’, released on the 21st of last month, has been classified as ‘J-pop’ on major music sites such as Apple Music and Vibe. It was confirmed that this classification was done at the request of ADOR, the management company of NewJeans.

Some fans are continuing to argue that the new album of NewJeans, considered one of the representative groups of K-pop, is classified as J-pop.

Fans expressed disappointment pointing out that although the album was released with the intention of debuting in Japan, a high percentage of each song is in Korean. At the same time, it was recalled that BTS’s ‘Dynamite’, a group whose lyrics are all in English, is classified as K-pop.

ADOR said: “It was released as a Japanese album to promote Japanese music, and we chose global distribution to allow more fans to easily access it. In a diverse distribution environment and content spread rapidly due to the development of media, J-pop and K-pop ‘I think it’s meaningless to distinguish between genres.'”

However, the music industry is also expressing disappointment over this. “I think it should be classified as K-pop in all aspects, including members, music and style,” an official said. He added: “Except for Hanni, all four members of NewJeans are Korean or of Korean descent. In terms of music and style, they are from the 90s. “I think the Korean music industry has a lot to do with 90s K-pop and was developed through music. NewJeans’ style and music videos are in line with current trends, but it’s a shame that it’s labeled J-pop,” he said.

1. Why the hell are Koreans criticizing the inclusion of Korean lyrics in their Japanese debut song? Of course it is classified as J-Pop and this is their Japanese debut songㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. That’s the title of their Japanese debut album, what are you doing, reporter?

3. Please look at the Japanese album catalog of Korean idols before writing an article

4. It feels like these past few days this reporter has been trying to create controversy…

5. They grabbed BTS’s hair again

6. The Japanese album is originally J-pop

7. The reporter’s wish was that NewJeans would be criticized somehow

8. Wow daebak.. There was an article saying that Japanese songs are classified as J-pop. I wonder if it’s because NewJeans is so influential or if it’s a dirty joke

9. Did Sihyuk tell them to do that?

10. BTS’s Japanese album is classified as J-pop but why did they grab BTS’s hair?

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