NewJeans stuns netizens with their visuals at the airport

NewJeans departs for the US today

1. Danielle is so pretty

2. Wow, Minji is so pretty these days

3. Haerin is crazy, she’s f*cking pretty

4. Haerin suits Dior so well, Hyein and Minji look like models

5. No, they don’t have ugly kids. Where did they find these pretty girls?

6. Hyein is so pretty…

7. I can’t tell the difference between Hyerin and Haerin

8. Why is Hanni so cute? She’s pretty too

9. Everyone is pretty but Minji is so pretty these days

10. They’re all really pretty ㅠㅠ Especially Danielle and Haerin look crazy today

11. Hanni is cute and well dressed

12. Wow, they’re all so pretty and they suit the brands so well

13. Danielle’s hairstyle is so pretty

14. Hyein has aura, she looks like an actress

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