NewJeans, TXT, and Stray Kids’ rankings and streams on Spotify in 2023



Stray Kids

There’s a big gap between NewJeans and TXT, Stray Kids

1. NewJeans is crazy

2. There are some posts about NewJeans and Stray Kids today. There is a big difference, so why are you putting them together?

3. Looking at this chart, having all of TXT’s songs on the chart means that a lot of listeners trust and listen to their music

4. Just compare male idols with each other. Why do you keep putting NewJeans with them? NewJeans’ class is different

5. Either way, I don’t think K-pop will grow any further. I think it’s at its peak right now

6. They say that they are second to BTS because of the number of YouTube subscribers, but TikTok is much more important these days and when it comes to TikTok, TXT is second only to BTS

7. If you are going to point out someone after BTS, honestly, I think there are no male idols but NewJeans… Of course, there is a difference between male and female idols

8. Before talking about the next BTS, shouldn’t we look at BLACKPINK’s performance first? I heard that BLACKPINK is only 1/5 of BTS’s performance

9. NewJeans is doing so wellđź’•

10. NewJeans is daebak

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