NewJeans was praised for their dancing skills in ‘How Sweet’ Performance Video

NewJeans ‘How Sweet’ Performance Video

1. The more I listen to the song, the better it gets

2. All four of them are crazy. They all have good skills

3. They dance so well and the choreography is more intense than I thought

4. The choreography is crazy

5. I liked the song even more after watching Haerin’s dance, she was amazing

6. The choreography is so good and Hanni performs so well

7. Why is Minji so cool?

8. I gasped while watching the performance. Everyone did so well

9. I think Hanni and Haerin are good dancers, but Danielle and Minji are also good dancers

10. They dance so well. That’s all I could think about while watching it

11. They dance so well, they’re so cool

12. Minji is so cool, she’s crazy…

13. The choreography is amazing, the video is crazy

14. Haerin is so good, she’s crazy

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