NME reviews LE SSERAFIM Coachella

NME reviews LE SSERAFIM Coachella

4/5 stars

Coachella set list

‘The Great Mermaid’
‘Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard’s wife’
‘Perfect Night’
‘Fire in the belly’


1. I heard that it’s similar to BLACKPINK

2. It’s good that they have a big company

3. BLACKPINK received positive reviews not only here but also in other media

4. The lowest score is 4 stars, right?

5. LACKPINK also got 4 stars

6. Please don’t say that BLACKPINK also got 4 stars. At that time, BLACKPINK received positive reviews in all media

7. It seems like the lowest score here is 4 stars and the highest score is 5 stars

8. Why did they go to a big stage abroad with their lack of skills and create this mess…..?

9. It’s a world where you can buy fame with just money

10. The stage setup is good

11. BLACKPINK got 4 stars, so why did LE SSERAFIM get 4 stars?

12. There are a lot of haters who think they are judges

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