NMIXX deleted all photos and posts related to Jinni on Instagram

The current state of NMIXX Instagram

Deleted all photos and posts related to Jinni

1. Since it hasn’t been long since they debuted, looks like they’re trying to erase her somehow

2. This is too much

3. Why? What happened?

4. Seriously, they’re not saying anything to their fans and they’re just deleting everything

5. I heard she was a trainee for 7 years? I really don’t understand why she left the group

6. I’m really curious about what happened

7. Then they should delete the MVs too

8. Fans who like Jinni will be hurt

9. I don’t know what the reason is, so I can’t even say anything

10. This company is crazy

11. Honestly, if I wanted to leave the group, I think I’d ask them to delete it too

12. This is really too much. They don’t care about the fans

13. So do they delete all the music videos? JYP is weird

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JYPE silence bring the most harms to the girls. the company barely make a move to protect the member from nasty rumor, at least they should make it clear that the company fulfill the basic protection to their artist


Give the same energy to the bully hyunjin too 🙄


Something really big must have happened for them to delete anything related to her I wish they would clarify it or just not do this kind of stuff its just hurting their group and giving opportunity to people like sojang spread more lies, and people to dig up more dirt on them


Damn just what really happened. They didn’t show this energy when wjn left skz. So what really happened for them to be this nasty to her. Cause from the looks of it, it’s just not look like any issue about health related or personal problems related. I hope they shine a light on it so that nmixx don’t get hard they are constantly getting and sojang can stuff her mouth.

12 and 1

Why though, there is no point in deleting it.
Even Hybe doesn’t do it.
Kim Garam videos and pictures still exist.


hybe was forced to kick garam. jyp on the other hand decided to kick her on their own


No one will convince me she wasn’t kicked out


Something very serious happened with this girl for them to make such an extreme deletion of anything she appears in. 


this group’s doomed… flops


Now even sullyoon become a target as well. Jyp really need to give some statement to clarify things. Sullyoon is most popular member. This group really look like in verge of disbanding tbh.

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