NMIXX “DICE” MV Teaser 2 shows that the song and choreography are perfect this time

NMIXX “DICE” M/V Teaser 2

1. Kyujin on stage is so good, I can understand just by looking at NMIXX’s stage

2. Is Kyujin the center of NMIXX? It’s not a joke

3. Both the song and the choreography seem to be perfect

4. Wow the choreography is crazy

5. I think the song will be good. I like the strong performance, but I think the fans will be worried

6. Okay, at least there should be a group like this. A powerful dance group

7. I think their strong point is their vocals and live performance

8. I started to understand why Kyujin was the center. The group’s sense of identity is clear

9. I think the song is fun and good

10. I’m curious about their stage because it’s a good singing group!!

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