NMIXX Sullyoon and IVE Jang Wonyoung are in the same frame today

The two of them are so pretty

1. Wow Sullyoon looks like CG

2. Jang Wonyoung has a small face, but Sullyoon’s face is even smaller

3. Wow Sullyoon is so perfect

4. Sullyoon is seriously pretty, she looks like a doll

5. ??? Sullyoon’s face will be covered by the CD

6. What are Sullyoon’s visuals? Seriously, I think she’s the prettiest female idol these days..

7. The two of them are so pretty. The future of K-Pop is si bright

8. Sullyoon is a fairy… She doesn’t seem human

9. Sullyoon has pretty eyes, I like her expressions

10. Every time I see Sullyoon, I admire her visuals

11. Sullyoon has actress vibes, she’s the prettiest among female idols these days

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