NMIXX Sullyoon’s behind-the-scenes pictures on Inkigayo

1. How can one look like that? She seriously looks like CG

2. She’s so f*cking pretty.. I think she’s the prettiest in the world

3. I think she looks like Lee Na Gyung from fromis_9, she looks like a doll too

4. Among the 4th generation female idols, her visuals are the one top

5. She’s not human. Is she a doll?

6. Is she human?…. She looks like a game character, she’s seriously so pretty

7. Seriously, I think Sullyoon is the prettiest among the 4th generation female idols

8. Seriously, by my standards, she’s the prettiest among rookie female idols. I was shocked when I saw Tzuyu for the first time, now I’m shocked every time I see Sullyoon…

9. I think she looks a bit like Tzuyu, she’s the prettiest female idol I’ve ever seen

10. I can see Tzuyu and Jang Wonyoung from her

11. She looks like a Disney princess

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