No matter what anyone says, I hope this SM-YG-JYP-HYBE system will be maintained

That’s how I find K-pop fun

I really hate mergers

1. I wish YG would be ruinedㅋㅋ

2. I really didn’t know that SM would become like this…

3. Is it Kakao and HYBE now?

4. It was ruined because of Lee Soo Man

5. Anyway, HYBE got bigger, this system broke

6. Now this system only has HYBE, YG, and JYP left

7. I don’t want to lose SM’s unique color

8. Isn’t YG already ruined?

9. The labels compete well with each other.. It won’t change much

10. I can’t believe I’m seeing this when I’m alive

11. SM has collapsed

12. I’m not sure because HYBE is getting bigger

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White cat happen due to LSM greediness. If he stop ignoring the shareholders complaint and stop embezzling the company money into his paper company. He will still be on top of the company.


True!!!! Also his producing skills are long gone.


In no time we will be seeing hybe swallowing jype too…


idk , isn’t park jin young the biggest shareholder in jyp rn and bang pd is friends with him so I don’t think they will swallow jype unless there’ll be internal mess between jyp and the current jyp’s ceo rn like what happened to SM rn which leads to park jin young being backed into the corner and there will be no one on his side except bang pd.

Pretty sure if lee sooman got other bigger allies than Hybe , he will not be selling a big part of his share to Hybe but that’s his only way out


Tbh the way kakao is moving in kpop. It’s better for jyp to merge with hybe rather than standing a lone body. All their groups are doing good regardless of what other says. It’s shown in the charts. So obviously disbanding them will be putting an axe on your feet. If you will read the whole thing. You will know the biggest evil here is all this is kakao. Since it’s entry the whole thing in kpop has kinda been mismanaged. But obviously it’s company’s own decision.
Also noted to be fact the insider who revealed about SM feud inside the company way before this whole drama occurred in public also shared there is something huge gonna happen between hybe and jype this year.


friends? 😂 as if……


no. jype’s actually scoring profitable numbers yes, they’re cheap and simple but the reason why they’re successful is because they focus on music only. they don’t dabble in weird business ideas, they don’t try to overtake other companies. their main focus is music.

sm thought they were disney and tried to create their own universe (that no one was interested in). now they’re too broke to carry own and are forced to sell their company. losers

Guest Usernames Are Cowards

Can Kakao stop dipping their greasy fingers in every industry in South Korea smh. They are already basically a monopoly in the messenger department and owns the biggest streaming platform in Korea and more. Seriously, how does SK authorities not see the obvious conflict of interest in that.


Not only I fans, but SM Kfans seemed to be mindless too? Hybe is more common than not giving creative production to their sub companies. Hybe is SM’s biggest shareholder, but its not even a merger between two companies! There’re so many shareholders in SM.

Take it as Hybe invested in SM. All of those overeacting kpoopies only thought that if SM owned by Hybe, then their idols have to bow to Hybe which founded by Bang PD ans BTS.


It is my delight for YGE to be destroyed. 🙃 Payback for being sneaky AF and destroying 2NE1

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