Nominations for ‘Song of the Year’ at the 2023 Korean Popular Music Awards


Silica Gel ‘NO PAIN’

Younha ‘Event Horizon’

Chang Kiha ‘Envy None’


NewJeans ‘Attention’

The results will be announced on March 5!

Who do you think will get it?

1. Attention or Event Horizon

2. Event Horizon or LOVE DIVE

3. Personally, I hope Younha ‘Event Horizon’ gets it… It’s been a long time since I felt happy just listening to the song

4. LOVE DIVE swept the digital music awards at last year’s awards, so should they get it?

5. In my personal experience, Attention or Event Horizon

6. I listened to Attention the most, but all the other songs are good too

7. I’m not tired of Love Dive and I’m still listening to it, so I hope they get it!

8. I hope Younha gets it

9. I don’t get tired of Attention

10. Wow, I’m glad there are so many songs I listened to last year

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I hope Love Dive or Tomboy wins


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Bundlepink nowhere to be seen


all are good songs so I’m rooting for whoever wins


The votes may split between love dive n attention. So, wont be surprise if another song like tomboy or other songs.


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Event horizon is so good although i dont event know who younha is


Either attention, event horizon, love dive, or tomboy. It’s kma so it’s not just about popularity


Korean Popular Music Award? Since when they add ‘Popular’?. I thought ‘Korean Music Award’?

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