Now other artists have to be more successful than BTS to be exempt from military service?

Now, you have to be more successful than BTS to be exempt from military service? Controversy over special military service is still unresolved

1. Just get rid of the special military service and no one benefits

2. Stop thinking about being exempt from military service

3. Those who used to take advantage of BTS to apply for an exemption from military service~ They should give up their intentionsㅋㅋ Politicians should shut up now;;

4. Who is targeting military exemptions?

5. Please remove all standards. Why is sport the only exception?

6. I really feel thisㅋㅋ They don’t care about BTS’ military exemption, they care about the restㅋㅋㅋ

7. Isn’t the story of BTS being exempt from military service the beginning of meetings of companies other than Big Hit?

8. Do they want to exempt someone from military service?

9. Sons of politicians should go to the army

10. I don’t know anyone else, but BTS is exempt from military service because they raise national prestige

11. No one can be more successful than BTS

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no , if bts are not exempted , the others should not be exempted too. it’s not just because bts topping billboard and went to grammys that they should be exempted , there are lots of things need to be considered too but people always see these two things and said ‘oh god they are asking for exemption because of this ‘ like no ???


Stray kids gonna surpassed them, watch out ratmys

WhatsThe Point

All the comments have spoken the truth above.
Even if someone manages to surpass BTS in terms of achievements (which is next to impossible) they’d still not be as impactful as BTS


Korea should be embarrassed to exempt anyone after denying BTS but we all know Korea is embarrassing anyway so don’t expect anything


if BTS is going,then no one in korea deserves exemption.


Ngl if people as influential as bts cannot get exemption, then others have no chance to unless they can prove they can be more influential than bts

Possibly, not even athletes should be exempt but that might be just me


Look at armys crying that bts not exempted lol


Look at this stupid comment. The dots didn’t connected at all. lol


The way no one is crying here

But I wasn’t done…

You’re pathetic


11. No one can be more successful than BTS”



No one is going to have more success and achievements than Bangtan has had, accept that. BTSPTW.

But I wasn’t done…

Athletes, classical musicians and sons of the rich should be shaking. Korea needs to have the same energy for them as they did for bts


This is why other kpop companies gathered together to discuss exemptions without bighit. They wanted bts to be exempted so it would open a path for their idols. If bts who is the most deserving doesnt get exempt….no one does. Korea might as well amend it so that everyone has to serve a year male and female so there is no special consideration across the board.


I won’t be surprised if this is going to lead into a ruling of eliminating all future exemptions. Not when koreans are adamantly believing national prestige is no longer a valid reason for exemptions anymore.

I mean, can you imagine the outcry the next time sm1, esp a musician, gets eligible for exemption?

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