NU’EST 10th anniversary bus ads by Pledis, their agency

NU’EST 10th ANNIVERSARY with L.O.Λ.E #Promotion 2022.03.03~2022.04.03

Individual ads + group ads

1. NU’EST 10th anniversary, my last idols ㅜㅜ I love you guys!!!!!

2. Seems like their agency understands the members’ decisions

3. The members, agency, and fans really care about each other, so I cried…

4. Even if I hate Pledis, but thank you so much this time… Well, I shouldn’t cry ㅠㅠ

5. Looks like it’s the members’ decision, the relationship between the agency and the members seems to be good

6. I’ve seen a lot of groups disbanding without notice during the hiatus.. I think Pledis did well this time

7. Congratulations on NU’EST’s 10th anniversary

8. Because Pledis is already a label of another company, looks like they did the best they could

9. There are times when I really hate Pledis, but sometimes I’m touched by it ㅜㅜ My last idols, NU’EST, congratulations on your 10th anniversary

10. Thank you Pledis for doing this, congratulations on NU’EST’s 10th anniversary and I love you

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