Official public apology regarding BTS V’s listening party

Official public apology regarding BTS V’s listening party

The reason for the delay is the technical issue

1. Wasn’t there any explanation as to why it was delayed?

2. They said that BTS has 100 people in charge,,, Did they go to the Middle East?

3. Please do better in the future

4. Let’s do better from now on

5. This is my first time seeing Big Hit apologize like this. They know yesterday’s incident went too far, right?

6. Yesterday I was shocked

7. Please, I’m not asking for much.. I’ve already lowered my expectations, so let’s just do the basics..

8. Have you fixed the issue of music video views not being reflected?

9. I wasn’t expecting an apology but I was pleasantly surprised. Anyway, please treat BTS well now

10. Wow, does it take a day to apologize?

11. Please, do your best… no, just do the basics…ㅠㅠ

12. Is this our first time seeing an apology? Anyway, let’s do well in the future

13. I hope this never happens again

14. Please treat BTS well

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